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There may be no beard or there may be lack of beard in particular areas of face. It has no treatment other than surgical treatment.  Beard transplantation is a surgical process and it has no other treatment. The only method is by extracting hair from the back of the head which is the donor area and implanting them as facial hair.

Would there be a loss in area where beard transplanted after transplantation?

Beard-TransplantationWith essential techniques and usage of proper tips on area where beard will be transplanted, there will be no loss of hair transplanted. Beard transplantation is best done with fue technique. As fut technique is available to use in beard transplantation theoretically, its results are bad. With fue method, beard can be transplanted with density that individual wants. It is also applicable for patients without beard. However, transplantation to a patient with locational lack of beard should be done in proportion to density of existing beards.

When beard transplantation is done right by interference of experienced teams, such a result can be obtained as even a hairdresser cannot realize.

Is beard transplantation painful?

We numb the patients with local anesthesia. Except for the numbing procedure there is no pain during surgery.

What happens after fue beard transplantation?

After beard transplantation with fue technique is done, some rash may occur because of blood coagulation on places where the roots are extracted. This is natural. After beard transplantation, grafts grow in 7-8 days and it is applicable for them to be shaved with classic razor blade in 7-8 days for ensuring a healthy growth. Beard regains its natural appearance in 3-4 months.  Superb natural results can be obtained even for a patient without beard. We guarantee that even you will not be able to believe the results.

There are two  different techniques in beard transplantation. However, we can get best results with fue technique.

How is beard transplantation is done with fue technique?

Beard transplantation with fue gold method is very important for patient and his health. We wanted to remodel the tips of micromotor used in fue method. And we decided to make the motor tips of “gold”. The main purpose of this arises from that “gold” is the most harmless matter when contacting with skin. Gold does not damage the skin. Thinking the excessive contacts with the skin during transplantation and collection, we thought that beard transplantations done with fue gold method is healthier. And we have seen our case is right following the researches and results.

As we said above, best technique in beard transplantation is fue technique. But without changing the method, we think that beard transplantation will be healthier as you try it with fue gold method.