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There are many reasons why men and women lose their hair… Usually women lose hair due to hormone not functioning right, tiroids, loss in iron and many other factors. Hair loss in men can be genetic or related to a disease.

Hair-LossHair loss may be occurred in different ways. Hair may become thin or be lost completely from a certain region of the head. Anyway, hair of an individual loses approximately 80 – 100 grafts per day. Well, I seem to hear that you ask “How can it possible for us to become completely bald?” Lost hair is only the %10 of your existing hair. Every healthy individual loses that amount daily. Of course this hair will grow and come full circle again. There is a cycle in this way for hair structure of mankind.

Symptoms of Hair Loss;

  • Loss of hair line
  • Peeling of scalp
  • Explicit black spots on hair roots

Is there anything to prevent hair loss?

Unfortunately, there is nothing to do for lost hair. Some say that herbal products, drugs etc… are good for hair loss. However, I didn’t see any drugs preventing the hair loss completely up to the present. Hair is lost genetic. And this hair loss is very common like one out of every two men. But If you ask “What is good for hair loss for men?”

I would say avoid stress, excessive physical fatigue and any sorts of drugs or supplements

Unfortunately, a lot of men suffer from hair loss.  As a matter of fact, hair loss problem occurs once in every two men who are aged 50.

I’d like to point out the  reasons for hair loss in men in order as follows :

  • Genetic i.e. hair loss as heritage from family
  • Excessive Stress
  • Heavy physical working conditions
  • Major surgical operations
  • Cancer Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Disease and medicine used for treatment
  • Iron deficiency dependent Anemia
  • Lack of Vitamin b12
  • Lack of Zinc

Reasons-of-hair-loss-in-womenThose possible reasons may cause hair loss. Except genetic i.e. predecessor reasons, abandoning the other reasons may grow your hair again. Nowadays, most important reason of hair loss is genetic reason. Lost hair could not be grown again by no means except surgical operations. I strongly recommend you to get hair transplantation operation for lost hair.

Hair loss may be seen in women as much as man however this is never seen as complete baldness as men. Some hair loss or hair thinning may be seen on different regions of the head of women.

Reasons of hair loss in women

Reasons of hair loss in women are mainly the same as reasons as men. Excessive stress, side effects of drugs, hormones and un balanced thyroids are major reasons.

Does giving a birth increase hair loss?

Surely, women may experience more hair loss in pregnancy periods because giving a birth could extremely affect the hormones. Please do not be afraid of this situation. Mother shares all nutrients with the baby during pregnancy and because of that hair loss may increase. After giving birth, hair it gets back to normal.

Do women going through menopause lose their hair?

Reasons-of-hair-lossIf a woman goes through menopause, it is quite possible to lose her hair because there will be some hormonal changes in her body. However, this situation is not always valid for every woman. Some women do not even notice, some feel considerably less.

There is a lot of reason of hair loss. The result of all of these, hair loss may be occurred by losing the hair at the vertex of the head or thinning of hair located in certain regions.

  1. Excessive stress and physical work environment (Telogeneffluvium )

Working environments may not be similar for each person. Great part of people working in stressful and intensive conditions may experience hair loss. This kind of hair loss emerges unwillingly and on individuals own, besides those, excessive fever and some infectious diseases may cause hair loss. This kind of hair loss happens because of hormonal changes and diseases.

  1. Side effects of used drugs

Medicines including lithium, beta blockers, varfarin, heparin, amphetamine, levodopa and prescription drugs used for treatment of diseases like rheumatism, gout, depression, cardiac diseases, hyper tension may cause temporary hair loss. In fact, the reason of hair loss is genetic and hormonal alterations.

  1. Hair loss based on Family and Genetic Reasons

In some families, genetic hair loss i.e. hairlessness may be observed as heritage begins with father or grandfather. This situation improves completely without control of individual. If a patient has genetically hair thinning, this may also happen to children.

  1. Fungal infections on Scalp (Tinea capitis)

Hair may be curled and consequentially be lost because of crustation happen to scalp. Some paniculas may appear on scalp and hair roots may become red. This kind of symptoms indicate the possibility of fungal infections on scalp.

  1. Major Surgical Operations

Individual which underwent an operation for any reason may lose his/her hair temporarily. This is directly proportionate to majority of surgical operation. However this hair loss is temporary and lost hair is regenerated after a while.

  1. Trichotillomania

Usually seen in kids. Some psychological types may be occurred during rise time. An individual who unintentionally curls or tears her/his hair out may cause temporary hair loss because of that reason.

  1. Inconvenient Hair Care Products

Hair dyes or sprays which are used for any reason may cause hair loss. Please be sure that the products you have been using are certified and supervised by government. After stopping to use of those materials, hair loss may be prevented. Temporary hair loss is circumvented.

  1. Cancer Treatment and Operations

Medicine used during the cancer treatment may cause hair loss. Besides, since the cancer operations are considered as major surgeries, they might be the reason of hair loss.

  1. Hair Loss Because of Thyroid Disease

Hair loss may be occurred because of slow function of thyroid glands. After preventing or treating the abnormality of thyroid glands, hair loss may be stopped.