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In moustache transplantation, healthy roots from nape or beard area are collected and transplanted to the area where is short of hair, as in hair transplantation.

But moustache transplantation needs more attention than normal hair transplantation. Hair roots should be transplanted to the lacking area with care and accurateness. Deficient formation of moustache as a result of an incident in moustache transplantation or deficiencies arising from genetics can be obviated with moustache transplantation operations.

Moustache Transplantation Technique

Moustache TransplantationUsage of fue technique during moustache transplantation process is essential. Success rate in moustache transplantations done with fue technique is very high. Only with fue gold technique that our clinic has developed, we do not make anything to contact with the skin of the person except of materials made of gold via golden tips of our micromotor. Because the gold is the material with minimum damage to human skin, we think that we get healthier results in moustache transplantations done with fue gold method.

Can moustache transplantation be done to a person without a moustache?

It is not important that how much moustache is there or absent over the lips. We can do moustache transplantation to the area without a moustache. For us, the point is if there any damage on skin of the area where the moustache transplantation will be done, because of a trauma or an accident or death of tissues there. In this case, hair transplantation can not be done to dead tissue because there is no possibility of transplanted roots to keep.

Would there be scars after moustache transplantation?

After moustache transplantation, there would be no scars anyway. Individual forgets the moustache transplantation after a while. Natural results which can not be noticed even in hairdresser are obtained.

Moustache transplantation and scar covering

Another purpose of moustache transplantation is covering the scars in that area. The only indispensable thing in moustache transplantation is not being dead of tissue on transplantation area. Apart from that, we can cover all kinds of defects by performing moustache transplantation.

Moustache transplantation Root transplantation Density

Without a moustache, root number to be transplanted is 1000 in moustache transplantation. All of them are collected from nape area. However, we can increase the transplantation density upon the demands of some patients. Patient could say that let there be thick moustache and more roots. So, we perform the transplantation with the density as patient wants.

Who performs moustache transplantation?

Same as hair transplantations, moustache transplantations should be performed by plastic surgeon. At the same time, specialist medics support the operation. As in every respect, we strongly recommend our patients to make their transplantations to be performed by a plastic surgeon.

Moustache Transplantation Prices

In moustache transplantation, prices are determined in accordance with root number to be transplanted. This number can change person-by-person. To get a clear price, the individual should be examined by Op. Dr. Ali Mezdeği.

Will Moustache Transplantation Procedure be understood

Because it is a frequent question from our patients who have got moustache transplantation, I needed to give information about the issue. In moustache transplantation processes, just like hair transplantation processes, the precise moustache transplantation which is done in order to get fine, deliberate and natural results, is not noticed by people after a while from transplantation.

To realize the moustache transplantation, it is needed to be observed very carefully. Apart from that, of course a plastic surgeon can understand whether a moustache transplantation is done or not. Thinking that we don’t meet plastic surgeons too often, it is hard for people after transplantation to understand that you have got a moustache transplanted.

As I specified above, it is essential to mind out naturality during moustache transplantation. Acting with such a punctilio, you can get results that will make you very healthy and happy. Lack of moustache is a genetic problem. I recommend moustache transplantation for all our patients who like to grow moustache and want them to appear bushy and natural.